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So this is where you will find the stuff I want to mention … when I get around to it.

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About me

This site ( is run by Darren McSweeney, who lives south east of Melbourne, Australia with his wife, son and their two dogs.

Darren shows a passing interest in sport in general from AFL, Rugby League, Formula 1, to Olympics and occasionally curling! He can be found at the MCG supporting Melbourne FC in AFL, at AAMI Park supporting the Melbourne Storm in NRL, or just curled up at home watching on it all unfold on TV! He was thrilled when Melbourne finally won a premiership - even if it was in Perth during lockdown!

He enjoys ambling through the internet and stumbling upon curiosities. Trivia, civics, vexillology, heraldry and psephology are among his interests and he has recently started learning about photography.

He has participated in the electoral redistribution process in Australia actively since 2013, and passively for several years prior.

He thinks he’s pretty good with design, language (well the English language anyway) and reasonable with technology. The word is that he excels at particular Microsoft Office products, but only when they’re plugged into a power point!

He likes puns and dad jokes too. Now that he is a father, legally he is required to make as many as possible.

He does not like tomatoes. Or watermelon. Or intolerance.

Oh, yeah you should probably check this out too for political reasons.


This site ( is run by Darren McSweeney.

I am a member of the Australian Public Service (APS) for Services Australia and have been since 2003.

All comment, opinion and views expressed on this website (and on social media accounts that I use or link to this page) are solely my own personal opinion and do not represent the opinions, views or position of Services Australia, the Australian Public Service, the Australian Government or any other person. Any advice given is done so in a personal capacity, is purely general in nature, and any research or information that is provided is gathered from publicly available sources. I do not provide recommendations or strategies for conducting business with Services Australia. If you need assistance from Services Australia, please visit their website.

I always proudly deliver the policies of the government of the day. I carry out my duties in an impartial, professional and entirely apolitical manner and always strive to uphold APS values. At times, I may personally disagree with policies or programmes that I implement, however I acknowledge that is the nature of public service, and I remain professional and apolitical at all times while undertaking my duties as a servant to the Australian People.

I believe that all content on this site complies with the conditions of employment in the Australian Public Service (APS) in accordance with the Public Service Act 1999, the APS Code of Conduct, and the APSC Social media Guidance for Australian Public Service Employees and Agencies.

…and I vote

In twenty years of service to the Australian public, I have served under numerous ministers, cabinets, prime ministers, and governments of both sides of politics.

While I am a member of the APS, I am also a politically engaged Citizen of Australia, with the right to vote in elections, and with the right to freedom of opinion and expression. My right to hold and express political views as an Australian Citizen is protected under Australian law. This right includes the right to participate in public and political debates without being unnecessarily curtailed.

While in general, I tend to favour the policy and political leanings of one direction, I do not have an ideological connection to any party in particular. I do not blindly follow one political party, and I disagree with policies of all political parties at one time or another. I am not now, have never been and likely will never be a member of any political party.

By day I faithfully serve the People of Australia through my employment, in a professional, apolitical and impartial manner.

Outside my work, I consider the future of the country I call home and the policies and vision of those elected to take us there.

I believe that I am permitted to express these thoughts in a reasonable manner, and I believe that all content on this site complies with the social media guides of my employment.

The End