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Speak like a Melburnian

How do you pronounce the word reservoir, the dam or water storage facility. Obviously, it’s “res-uh-vwah“, but not if it’s the name of the suburb in Melbourne. That most certainly is pronounced “Res-uh-vorr” as any local will tell you.

There are many suburbs and towns in Melbourne that can trip up a newcomer, some that look rather counter-intuitive, and then some, like the aforementioned Reservoir, that will rile up a local if you get the name wrong.

Here’s the definitive* list of how to pronounce some places in Melbourne (and a few out of Melbourne too).

In the list, an ! is used to represent a schwa (ə). There are a lot of schwas in place names.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first:

Melbourne: mel b!n
While we’re at it, a person from Melbourne is a Melburnian not a Melbournian as per the heading of this post.

Cremorne: cruh morn
Prahran: p! ran
St Kilda: s!n kil da
Toorak: tour rak
Malvern: moul v!n
Balaclava: bal uh klah vuh
Caulfield: caw feeld
Nunawading: nun uh wod ing
Ferntree Gully: furntri guh lee (not fern tree)
Doncaster: don cahst uh
Balwyn: ball w!n
Vermont: vurr mont (not v! mont)
Carnegie: Cah neg ee (not carn !ghee)
Sandringham: san drin ham (not san dr!n !m)
Beaumaris: bow morr !s
Cheltenham: chelt n!m
Mentone: ment own (not men t!n)
Moorabbin: m! ab !n
Dingley: din lee
Westall: wes tall
Keysborough: keez bur uh
Eumemmering: yoo mem m! ring
Doveton: duv t!n
Narre Warren: nar ree wor r!n
Cranbourne: cran bern
Berwick: berr ick
Bonbeach: bonb eech (not bonn beach)
Carrum: kar !m
Tooradin: tour ruh d!n
Pakenham: pak !n !m
Darebin: Dar uh b!n
Reservoir: res uh vorr (not res uh vwah)
Lalor: lay law (not law lah)
Bundoora: bun dour ah
Greensborough: greens brah or greens bur ah
Roxburgh Park: roks brah park
South Morang: south m! rang
Maribyrnong: mar ib uh nong
Tottenham: tot !n !m
St Albans: s!n all b!ns
Carinlea: care’n lee
Derrimut: derry m!t
Gisborne: ghiz b!n
Truganina: truhg a nine ah (not troog a nina)
Tarneit: tah neet
Wallan: woll !n
Ballan: b! lan
Geelong: j! long
Portarlington: port ah lin t!n
Stawell: storl

And finally Castlemaine: cass !l mayn  (absolutely never cah s!l mayn)

*This list is definitive in that it reflects the way locals actually pronounce the place they live.

Fantasy Melbourne rail map

This is my fantasy rail map for Melbourne.

Melbourne Fantasy map

It incorporates a lot of the proposals put forward in the PTV Network Development Plan, some suggestions from others,and some additional thoughts of my own.

In summary: Continue reading

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