This site ( is run by Darren McSweeney, who lives south east of Melbourne, Australia with his wife, son and their two dogs.

Darren shows a passing interest in sport in general from AFL, Rugby League, Formula 1, to Olympics and occasionally curling! He can be found at the MCG supporting Melbourne FC in AFL, at AAMI Park supporting the Melbourne Storm in NRL, or just curled up at home watching on it all unfold on TV!

He enjoys ambling through the internet and stumbling upon curiosities. Trivia, civics, vexillology, and psephology are among his interests and he has recently started learning about photography.

He has participated in the electoral redistribution process in Australia actively since 2013, and passively for several years prior.

He thinks he’s pretty good with design, language (well the English language anyway) and reasonable with technology. The word is that he excels at particular Microsoft Office products, but only when they’re plugged into a power point!

He likes puns and dad jokes too.

He does not like tomatoes. Or watermelon. Or intolerance.

Oh, yeah you should probably check this out too for political reasons.