My submission for the South Australian redistribution can be found on the AEC website here. I was astounded at the number of suggestions, until I quicky realised that most of them were a result of a scare campaign. Mayo was never in danger of being dissolved.

My thoughts were that with a division being abolished, and the need for the country divisions to expand, that it would have to be a suburban division that disappears. Although, on saying that, you could argue that Wakefield is all but unrecogisable from its original self now, becoming entirely urban. This will happen, as Grey has nowhere else to expand into (excepting for going south into Barker, but that won’t happen).

I was keen to abolish the name Port Adelaide, being that it’s a) generic, b) duplicated, c)a location.

I then split the separate parts, with natural divides at Dry Creek going into Wakefield and Mayo; the northern suburbs going into Adelaide and the western part going into Hindmarsh. From there, it was just a matter of rotating everything else to get a bit more space.

I wanted the Noarlunga River to be the boundary between city and country, but it didn’t quite fit. The line along the Hills is a really strong boundary so I couldn’t break there even if I wanted to, so it meant a part of Kingston had to go south.

All up, I think it works quite well.