Suggestions for the Victorian electoral redistribution have closed. My submission can be found here, although how they managed to turn it into a 90MB file I don’t know!

I wasn’t entirely happy with the final product – but then I never am.

I had the south of the Yarra divisions worked out within days of the figures going out, and the country divisions were pretty easy to get too. I had a lot of trouble working out the north western suburbs. Almost all permutations I tried ended up with most divisions very close to the top, but to get the boundaries right would be too many, or too few.

As it turns out, I didn’t mind it, although I would have liked to excise Craigieburn from McEwan altogether, but the numbers just weren’t there.

The other part I wasn’t too keen on was Maribyrnong stretching all the way from Flemington Racecourse to Melbourne Airport, although it is a contiguous division, it’s very elongated.

It will be interesting to see what the committee decide do.  At least they’ll need to make some decisions, there’s a whole new division to add in.