My latest suggestion, for the ACT can be found here.

This redistribution came as somewhat of a surprise originally, as there was only one finalised 2 years ago.

However, with the extra population figures, finally the ACT get a third division. The issue was then just a matter of working out where to t put it. The obvious answer was in between the two existing divisions, taking bits off them both.

The issue with the ACT is that suburbs are very clearly defined, but not well bordered. There is often not a straight line road or river that separates two suburbs, particularly around the edges of the districts.

That is the other issue. The districts are quite self-contained and really all suburbs in each district should be kept together. This wasn’t possible, with the size of some districts, and the fact that 8 districts are not easily divisible by 3 divisions.

In the end, I went for splitting Gungahlin, keeping Belconnen intact. Some of the reasons I did it that way was that Gungahlin was a newer development, whereas Belconnen has been together for longer. Gungahlin seems less cut off from the city than Belconnen, which is bordered by parkland and open space, not to mention Black Mountain. Also Gungahlin Drive connects nicely to Tuggeranong Parkway, forming a single roadway as a boundary.

As far as new names, I really don’t want to see Namadgi resurrected. It’s been done before, it’s geographic and predictable.

My suggestion last time was Overall for John Overall who was instrumental in creating the modern appearance of Canberra suburb designs. THis time, I opted for Shakespeare after Arthur Shakespeare who created the Canberra Times newspaper, and Capital Television (now 9 Canberra).